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Create your Personal Account, through which you will be able to manage your list of wishes and gifts using catalogue. For this you should add your email address, or mobile number, and create a password. You can any time edit all data added to your Personal Account as well as monitor your catalogue status.


Create a catalogue of presents you wish to receive, which your near and dear ones will purchase so that you get what you really like.


What is catalogue?


  1. Fill in the registration form, add the name and date of the event, create the catalogue’s name.
  2. Add gifts to the catalogue: download pictures, names and descriptions of gifts, add links if you know where this gift may be purchased.
  3. Add as many gifts as you like, and save the catalogue.
  4. If desired you can edit everything, and only you will be able to do that.
  5. In order to share the link to the catalogue with your friends you should pay for creating the catalogue – 119 rubles for one catalogue.
  6. When the catalogue becomes active you will be able to add contacts of your friends, family members and close ones.
  7. As a matter of convenience the recipients are remembered so that you do not have to add them twice.
  8. The link with a code is sent to the given addresses.
  9. The recipient follows the link, types in the code and gets to the page containing the catalogue.
  10. The recipient may select one or more gifts.
  11. When a gift is selected you will receive a notification email, also both you and your friend will be able to monitor online who will give which gifts and how many gifts are left.
  12. If your friend has changed mind to buy the gift selected earlier he/she may reject the option on the page of the catalogue. In this case the given present once again becomes active and available for being selected by other guests.
  13. You will receive notification emails about everything that is happening on the catalogue.
  14. All guests invited will also receive notifications about all changes on the catalogue: addition, deletion of gifts, “booking” of gifts by other guests and cancellation of “booking”.
  15. The purchased catalogue is active and may be edited till the date of the event but no longer than 3 months from the moment it is purchased. If after the 3 months period expires there is still time left till the date of the event you will receive a system message saying that the catalogue may not be edited any longer and for further changes you will have to create a new catalogue.

In order to pay for the catalogue you need to consistently type in your bank card info and carefully review it. This data is not available to unauthorized persons. All data is transferred encrypted using SSL safety protocol. Attention! If your bank card supports “3D Secure” Internet payments safety technology you will be redirected to URL of the bank that had issued the card for undergoing authorization procedure in compliance with the bank’s requirements. If you receive negative payment reply you are advised to apply to the bank that had issued your card.

The payment is available for Visa, VisaElectron, MasterCard, Maestro bank cards of Visa International, MasterCard International global payment operators. Card charge is fulfilled after verification and confirmation of the order with redirection to the payment gate. For making payment decision and entering bank card details you have ____ minutes. In case the time limit is hit the order is cancelled.

For payment you should enter the following details of the bank card: first name and surname of the owner of the bank card, its number and expiry date and the three-unit code (CVV2 или CVC2). For clarifications on payment specifications via your bank card on Internet and the reasons for receiving negative payment reply you should first of all apply to your bank’s service desk.

Safety of payment procedure is provided by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security technology.

Specifications of VisaElectron and Maestro cards payment:

Make sure your card has the CVV2 (CVC2) code, which is usually placed on the back side of the bank card. Attention of owners of cards of foreign issuers! In compliance with requirements of the global payment operators for purposes of improving payment safety level 3D Secure/SecureCodе special technology is used. If your bank does not have a related certificate for using this technology you may receive a negative payment reply from the payment system. If you receive a negative payment reply you are advised to apply to your bank’s service desk.

In compliance with requirements of 3D Secure/SecureCodе technology for payment the issuing bank may request additional identification from the Holder of the card. The necessity of additional identification and the way of its fulfillment are only defined by the issuing bank. For receiving more information on the identification procedure the Holder of the card is advised to apply to the service desk of the bank that had issued the card.

In case disputable issues related to debiting of an account for payment arise you should apply to the issuing bank, which had issued your card.

In order to pay for the catalogue using electronic money you need:


Instructions on payment through Yandex.Money:  

Payment of the order is fulfilled in Yandex.Money system. The necessary sum of money is transferred immediately, no fee for payment is charged.

Maximum payment amount equals to 100,000 rubles for identified users, 15,000 rubles – for unidentified users.


How to pay for the order:

  1. Select Yandex.Money payment option;
  2. Confirm the order;
  3. Click the “Pay” button. The website will redirect you to the Yandex.Money electronic payment system;
  4. Enter payment password for Yandex.Money to confirm payment;
  5. Payment of the order is completed.


Instructions on payment through WebMoney:  


1. Select WebMoney payment option;

2. After the order is confirmed jump to WebMoneyTransfer website by pressing “Pay”;

3. Select payment option:

4. Follow the system advices.


Instructions on payment through QIWI Wallet:


Prepay for the order using cash via any QIWI terminal, on the QIWI Wallet website or using social network and mobile phone applications.

Maximum payment amount for 1 payment equals to 15,000 rubles.

The current payment option does not support partial payment for the order from the User account.

When placing the order necessarily type in your mobile phone number omitting 8, in 10-digit format CCCXXXXXXX1 where ССС is operator code, XXXXXXX is phone number without dashes and spaces.

If you type in the phone number differently the order is cancelled for the reason “Incorrect phone number on payment through QIWI”.

After the order is placed you will receive an sms with pin-code for accessing to QIWI-wallet.

If your phone number already has a QIWI-wallet registered on it, use your old pin-code.

Otherwise follow the system advices.