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Privacy Policy

The personal information collected from the Client in a number of ways, including data provided at the time of registration a­­t the website or other interactions with the website, including, but not limited to, first name, surname, email address, is stored by the Website Administration. At the moment of information collection the Client is notified in what circumstances his/her data may be stored till the moment it is deleted. The information may be deleted at any moment when requested to do so by the Client. The information about website visitors (IP address, domain name, type of web browser and operating system, date and time of visit and other) is gleaned and stored for purposes of visitor tracking. This is public domain information thus the Website Administration is not responsible for its disclosure.

The collected data may be used for marketing purposes, for newsletter, and for website customization based on your search and lookup history.   

At the time of registration the Client will be offered the possibility to receive this kind of information.

The data received may be used in anonymous form for better understanding of the Client’s needs and for improving service quality.

Consent to receiving newsletter is willful, and the Client at any moment has an opportunity to change his/her choice and opt out from further receiving of the above mentioned information.

In the event of difficulties when changing or deleting personal data you may turn to service desk of the Website Administration.

Links to other (external) websites are posted on this website free of charge. Those websites information is neither continuation nor supplementation of the Website Administration content.

Website maintenance is provided from the Website Administration office located in Moscow, the Russian Federation. All issues concerning user access to the website and use of information posted on it are regulated by the acting legislation of the Russian Federation. Any disputable matters concerning this website use should be considered by judicial authority of the appropriate forum, namely in the Arbitration Court of Moscow.