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AVINIDA is a special handy online service that provides gift planning options. You can create your personal catalogue of presents you want to get on your Birthday, Wedding or Christmas so that your nearest and dearest do not get overwhelmed with choices for gifts, and select what they want and can afford buying as a present. 



What AVINIDA offers to the hero of the day?



What it offers to the guest?


  • Wedding or Anniversary! Head is swimming, lots of guests, a crop of gifts lies ahead. I’d rather not get 10 similar tea sets or rather an absolutely useless tiny white elephant! While there are so many useful and amazing things I’d like to get… How could I make my dear guests know about that?
  • Got in AVINIDA, heaped up links to all you want to get as a present, sent an email to all those invited and – voila!


  • Have been invited to Wedding or Anniversary? What to present? A tea set? Well, another 10 guests will surely do the same. Money is prosy and how much is to be put into envelope? Rather awkward to ask… A white elephantie? Rubbish!!! How could I get to know what indeed the hero of the day needs and what other guests are going to give?
  • Got a message, got in AVINIDA, chose what you like and can afford and – voila!












AVINIDA helps invite, get and give presents no matter how far you are away from each other and how many time zones are between you.
One more thing. Imagine your friend has appointed you the chief present buyer for his bday! Never mind! You no longer have to call around to all those invited, collect money for the gift before, during and after the party. Yes, you can do it fast and neatly – with the help of AVINIDA!