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Create your own gifts
The best gift is now of your choice! Just decide for yourself what you want from your friends as a present for your wedding, birthday or anniversary. Let it be your lifelong dream while Avinida is to take care of the rest. More than that, Avinida will relieve your friends from guessing what to present so that they can be sure it is not a white elephant gift.
Create your own gift catalogue
Dreaming of a new spinning, brassie set, or an airmanship training certificate, or even a trip to Madagascar?! You want this altogether or just one of those things?! Never have your friends even imagined about your dreams! Avinida will make them come true! Just find on the Web what you really need! Avinida will provide you with a handy tool for creating your unique gift catalogue! And the only thing left to do is to look forward for your party!
Tell your friends
Avinida will easily let all your friends know about your wishes! With its help you can share a link to your personal gift catalogue or a puzzle-gift with all guests of your party and leave the choice to your friends! Everyone will be able to find the best suitable option, just following the link. Thanks to Avinida it is now quick, easy and handy.
Get your gift
All incoming with a gift! Get what you wanted now and here. White elephants will no longer spoil joy for newlyweds or man of the hour. Just enjoy your day with your friends. All routine is for Avinida, which makes you believe preparations for a party may be pleasant and simple: the hero of the fete gets what he really wants from his guests! Avinida is the key for good mood!